Photographer: Lara Arnott - Vision Mixing 'No Such Thing As The News' TX October / November 2016. BBC2.
Vision Mixer | Multi-Camera Director Being in front of the camera (as well as behind) has given Litchfield a great understanding about what constraints and restrictions are faced by on-camera talent. To work as a Vision Mixer / Director it is essential you are aware about getting the most from both your on screen talent and also the production crew. Having extensive experience both sides of the camera make his services unique. The work he has been involved in has varied from studio based live shows, multi-camera arena style shows / concerts / conferences to pop up mobile studio set-ups for various clients including BBC, QI-TV, Red Nose Day, Hewland Packard, Tescos, Arbonne International, Ginx TV etc).
Presenter Richie Litchfield has presented on a variety of TV Programmes and Live Productions in many countries. His unique style and personality, has given him huge audience appeal over the years. His honesty, warmth and confident delivery viewers and guests love! 
Constantly presenting in live, interactive environments he has worked for many channels including the BBC, Virgin, Sky and ITV as well as many corporate clients. He has presented on more than 16 entertainment shows and has over 15000 hours of live TV presenting under his belt. 

Presentation Consultant Presenting is all about personality and the connection you have with your audience and production team. A successful presenter will always leave an audience wanting MORE! Litchfield specialises in individual coaching as well as running seminars and workshops to train Presentation techniques and effective communication skills. Litchfield specialises in coaching on-camera presentation skills. Whether you are an aspiring or established presenter or journalist, a business person presenting a webinar online, a product expert demonstrating an exciting piece of technology or a company spokesperson presenting your products and services on-camera then Richie Litchfield can train you in the art of on-screen presentation skills.