I’ve always had a passion to develop stories and be on camera. My career has taken me on a very varied journey both in front and behind the camera. I knew I wanted to work in Television from a very early age. My passion for telling stories and making films using an old video camera lead him me to obtain a Diploma in Performing Arts which in tern lead me to University to study Film and TV. I have worked with all the major broadcasters and production companies working for Broadcast Facilities house ‘VMI’. Here I learnt several trades and became multi-skilled in Production (including camera, sound and Production Management). I worked my way through the company to become Head of Marketing and re-branded the company. During my time at VMI I bought in some huge productions including BBC ‘The Rise and Fall of Rome’, BBC history Genghis Khan and Lion TV – Guns Germs and Steel. In this highly competitive industry and taking the advice of all those around me I decided to move into the world of the freelancer and achieved my dream of becoming a professional TV Presenter. Within a year I had accumulated over 10000 hours in live TV. I was one of the few presenters at the forefront of interactive ‘Call’ TV. This was an exciting period in Broadcasting History as Ofcom had relaxed certain rules which allowed viewers to call directly into a TV Studio and speak with the Presenter. This lead to live TV games where the average person at home could become a Gameshow Star and win big prizes. Out of the blue I received a phonecall from a producer I used to work with who was thinking of televising the game of Roulette. He knew that I used to be a croupier whilst studying and so bought me in as a consultant. I turned up to a very dilapidated warehouse with a piece of green cloth hanging on the wall and was told to stand in front of it and just talk about the game of roulette. Little did I know that this short pilot programme would enable them to get enough investment to start Live Roulette. I became one of the main hosts on this show which later became Supercasino. It is hard to believe that from me standing in front of a green screen could lead to it becoming a multi – million pound show broadcast daily on Channel 5 and ITV. From a chance encounter with a friend I was introduced to the world of coaching, and the positive impact that it could have on people’s lives. I decided to form a company ‘Presenter Network’ to focus on training communication skills and also act as a Production Company. Through this company I formed an interactive online magazine and App called ‘The Presenter’ aimed at people working in public speaking, voiceovers, TV and Radio Presenters, Training, journalists and media professionals. As a trainer and presenter coach I have worked with a multitude of professionals alike to help them unlock their potential and overcome any obstacle on their road to success. As well as helping individuals achieve their goals my clients also include blue chip companies. Whilst I was training presenters working on the Roulette shows I was approached by a broadcaster in India to train their presenters. I developed a training package that developed their skills and enabled the presenters to engage with the audience, build trust and developed on screen selling tactics which increased revenue. My love of travel lead me to work alongside a major cruise line to write, produce and train their presenters to deliver a series of enrichment programmes. I still present regularly on TV and regularly produce video and media content for a variety of clients and platforms.