Richie Litchfield will support you to focus on your goals and objectives enabling you to achieve desired and realistic results. – Do you need to speak to a large crowd of people? – Do you have to speak to the media? – Do you have to speak on camera for the first time? – Are you already a presenter who needs a re-brand? – Do you need honest showreel advice? – Does your image need a re-vamp? Meetings are normally run using Skype video or Netviewer where we can train or demonstrate things to you. The aim of the session is for us to review and answer any questions you have relating to your presentation skills and image. How does it work? A consultancy session with Richie Litchfield costs £35 per 30 minutes. Calls are charged in 30 minute blocks. Payment is made via PayPal on receipt of invoice. How can we help? Advice on overall presentation skills and image Graduates and students training and career tips Looking to improve your public speaking / on-camera presentation skills Overcoming nerves and anxiety Idea generation for bespoke showreels If you are a larger organisations seeking in-depth guidance on their media training we recommend you contact us directly to arrange a face to face meeting. Simply email with your contact information then we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time and date for an online meeting.