‘Richie Litchfield has been working in the media for 20 years and really loves the industry and his work’. Over the past two decades Richie has worked on major feature films, popular television programmes, online media /publishing. His roles have varied over time, Television presenter / host to creative director / producer. Richie always intended to work in media and chose television presenting as his main career path. He spent a number of years studying the Performing Arts and followed this up by a BA (Hons) degree in Photographic, Film and Video studies at the University of Derby. After successfully completing his studies Richie wished to gain a better knowledge of the world and chose to become a Video Producer / Host working on major cruise ships. This experience gave him a better understanding of the global media market. Also helped him to develop strong communication, interpersonal and management skills. Three years later Richie found himself ready to enter the world of media / television presenting fully. He was immediately taken of by the leading live entertainment gaming channels and became the main host of their most popular shows. He then go picked up by an number of channels and production companies and has worked on projects such as. Anglia Television for National Geographic ‘Animal Extractors -’ Atlantic Productions ‘Lost Worlds -’ BBC Science ‘Killer Dinosaur’- Bill and Ben Productions ’40th Anniversary Python – Discovery HD ‘Fat Fiancés’ Richie’s work has taken him from Europe to the US and even Bollywood. Schedules permitting Richie now takes time out from filming to give back to his industry. This has now taken the form of Presenter / Presentation training, which is currently helping many in the industry to deliver to audiences successfully. He is also now published and is continually invited to speak and write about new media technology.