Engage your audience; Communicate Effectively Presenting is all about personality and the connection you have with your audience and production team. A successful presenter will always leave an audience wanting MORE! We specialise in individual coaching as well as running seminars and workshops to train Presentation techniques and effective communication skills. Regardless of whether you are a new Presenter or an already established Presenter moving into a different area of work we can help you make that transition with ease and come across on camera as confident as engaging. New uses of Presentation skills are emerging from the internet. Due to the high quality HD Videos and internet speeds more companies are using video and audio to get their message across (webinars, podcasts, online videos). Finding highly qualified Presentation Consultants at a price that makes sense is hard. Who do you call? Where do you look? Can you trust that he/she is really going to help? Presenter Network provides a cost-effect consulting solution for most production challenges. Working with a variety of production companies and TV networks over the last twenty years, the Presenter Network have witnessed first-hand the need for what we call “results-oriented” consulting services. These “results-oriented” consulting services target your specific presentation needs.
Why do people need Presentation Training? Standing in front of an audience or camera can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. Getting nervous when public speaking is a natural feeling and we help channel that nervous energy to give you the confidence to stand up and talk to camera or an audience. We help deal with self doubt and guide you through the entire process. Some people may appear confident in front of the camera however the audience may not warm to these people and so the message is lost, we coach presenters to deliver inspiring and entertaining presentations which engage the audience immediately. Already a Presenter? Doing the same job and saying the same things over and over again can make a presenter appear to be stale; particulary those working in Shopping, Quiz, Gaming, Astrology and Psychic TV. We have vast experience presenting, producing and consulting for programmes across these genres that we can coach and mentor presenters and guarantee a dramatic increase in on-air revenue. Some Presenters may wish to gain new skills in areas they have little experience in which is why we run a series of interactive seminars and workshops to improve performance. Communication Skills Training Presentation skills and techniques enable you to prepare, practice and deliver powerful audience-focused presentations that engage and inspire people to action. Giving a presentation can be a frightening experience whether it be in front of a few people or a full house. The workshop takes you step-by-step through the process of developing and delivering an engaging presentation. From choosing the topic to using proper voice tone and body language, you learn how to make a great presentation. We even show you how to handle tough question and answer sessions with ease. Convey information in a compelling and persuasive manner Leave a lasting positive impression on your audience Improve your poise and charisma during presentations Facilitate through conflict and even criticism from your audience Develop presentation techniques best suited to you for delivering a powerful message. Through interactive exercises and group activities, you turn theory into practicable techniques that will transform your presentations. This workshops will show you how you can build your confidence and gain the skills necessary to address any audience successfully and deliver dynamic, convincing presentations. Each seminar is tailored to the needs and experience level of the participants. Who Should Attend Executives, managers, sales people, trainers, and those who want to acquire or improve presentation skills. This course will help you gain confidence and develop the skills to address any audience successfully. Training Benefits Meet the needs of the audience and exceed their expectations Give engaging presentations that move people to action Stand out from the crowd Tailor your presentation to the group Make presentations more interesting Engage your audience for any length of time Apply tips and techniques used by professional presenters Overcome the natural fears of speaking to a group Sales Training Its not all about standing in fron of a camera or live audience, sometimes you need to use presentation skills when performing a sale. We mentor sales people in the art of communication using a series of seminars, workshops and exercises to bring the best out of your team. Great sales presentations do more than just deliver information—they move people to action. They educate, motivate, and persuade buyers. In short, great sales presentations make a connection with decision makers so that they can better hear, absorb and act on your message. Sales Presentation Training focuses on skills professional speakers rely on to create and present powerful, memorable business presentations that move people to action. When your people practice their sales presentation, are they practicing the right things? Do they know how to use the power of “pause and punch?” Are they getting their timing right? Are they mastering the art of persuasion? Or, are they just practicing to remember what to say? www.presenternetwork.com ﷯ ﷯