“I’d break down doors to recommend Richie Litchfield as a Presenter. He was not only the life and soul of every show I directed him in, but also of the wrap party afterwards.He also got the best fan mail. You’ll always congratulate yourself for hiring Richie, so grab him today!” Brian Barnes, Director / Producer – ITV & Osmium Films “I can unreservedly recommend Richie as a multi-talented individual who always brings professionalism to his work. During our time working together for Friendly TV. Richie always came in well prepared and full of ideas for the next show he was presenting; making my job and everyone else’s stress free knowing that he was always on form and never without something to say. Very important when presenting an un-scripted live television show. We have stayed in touch during the intervening years and I look forward to seeing what he does next and collaborating in the future” Trevor Hargreaves, Producer – BBC “I worked with Richie for over three years and recommend him on the basis that he is a great presenter and is aprofessional. I could always rely on Richie to give 120% so that we rolled from the start. On top of that he is a great character to have around both on set and off set. Richie has an amazing future ahead of him in TV and Media so get him while you still can” Oliver Ashton, Senior Producer, Digital Consultant – Telecoms TV “I strongly recommend Richie as he has proven to be a great presenter and an asset to any production. Richie possesses great personality that shines through in his work combined with strong production knowledge, he has an ability to make any production work by making sure everyone gets along. As a presenter Richie is able to connect with his audience andwork well with the production, his knowledge always comes in handy as he is a problem solver with the best of attitudes. We have worked in the past and look forward to working with him again” Sal De Parres, Executive Producer, Media Development Consultant – Channel 4 “Liked his energy, professionalism and charm” David Okuefuna, Channel Executive, BBC Two, BBC Four “Really like working with Richie as a Presenter he’s easy to work with, creative and a fast thinker, would definitely recommend his services to other Production Companies” Amadin Ryan, Producer – AMO Media Group Ltd. “Great Presenting style, enjoy working with Richie” Stevie Kennedy, Senior Producer, Quiz Call – Channel 5 “Richie has the ability to switch his personality on screen to suit broadcast or corporate productions. He’s a versatile presenter that I highly recommend working with” Chris Earls, Executive Producer UK, NBC News / Prime TV